How I work

I aim to offer you a safe, confidential and non-judgmental space, where you can feel heard, cared for, free to explore your experience of life and express your thoughts and feelings about any aspect of your life that matters to you.

I am aware that, at first, you might feel anxious, confused, vulnerable or sometimes ashamed about sharing personal aspects of your life with me and my aim is to be with you while you are navigating through this experience and help you deepen your understanding of yourself as we go along and begin to address the issues that have brought you to therapy.

Depending on the nature of the difficulties you are having and how long standing they are, this might mean having  a quiet space to be heard and reflect on aspects of your life; trying to make sense of and process confusing or overwhelming experiences; it might also include noticing, understanding how you relate to yourself and others, identifying and challenging unhelpful patterns of behaviour, uncovering the reasons behind them and/or coming to terms with difficult or painful experiences, giving you access to a freer and more fulfilling way of living.

While most of the work takes place through talking, when appropriate I can also offer more creative ways of working (art, play, poetry, music…) as sometimes it is difficult to find words that express how we feel.

My therapy training was integrative and my core model is a combination of Person-centered, Psychodynamic, Existentialism and Cognitive Behavioural Therapies but over the years, my approach has also been inspired by aspects of art and play therapy, Transaction Analysis, Gestalt, Bodypsychoterapy and Jungian ideas.